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  1. How to Teach Online
  2. Google Products:
    1. How to teach on Google Meet by Sabeen Anwari
    2. How to use Google Form for Tests and Assessment by Mahesh Jain
    3. How to use Google Classroom by Shantanu Bishnoi
    4. Google forms,docs,sheets,slides by Shantanu Bishnoi
    5. Ed-Tech Tools- Google Forms Advance by Chandani Goyal
    6. How to Generate certificate automatically using certifym by Radhika Rajgaria
    7. Peardeck for Google Slides by Nancy Lobo
  3. Life Skill Training
    1. Team Building by Rahul Prasad
    2. Team Building for Teachers by Rahul Prasad
    3. Emotional intelligence by Jaishree Chaugule
    4. Financial Planning for Teachers by Sumit Jha
    5. How to deal with Pandemic situation by Ritu Obhan
    6. Managing Stress for positive change by Nausheen Parkar
    7. Diversified Income Source for Teachers by Dr. Prashant Singhal
    8. Innovative Career Guidance & Counseling by Dr. Prashant Singhal
    9. How to engage student on project based learning by Gargi Basu
    10. Strategies to motivate and engage students by Anchal Jhulka
    11. Employability skills for graduates and working executives  by Sanjay Gupta
    12. Strategies to motivate and engage students by Dr.Padma Navaneetha
    13. Collaborative Learning in classroom by Sonam Chavan
    14. Shifting teaching strategies to project based learning by Anchal Jhulka
    15. Strategies to motivate and engage students by Vandana Dadi
    16. Understanding Learning Disabilities In The Classroom by Iona Hegde
    17. Teaching Strategies by Panna Gandhi
    18. Inclusive Play by Yukti Gupta
    19. Emotional intelligence and Wellbeing of teachers by Uzma Charania
    20. Role of Parents and Teachers in Career Guidance. by Vandana Dadi
    21. Managing Emotions with the power of Sound by Dr. Sujata Singhi
    22. Understanding Children and their Emotional Needs by Rahmath Sultana
    23. Parenting Skills to Raise Responsible, Mature Children by Rashi Somani
    24. Strategy to keep your class engaging by Nisha Shetty
    25. Ask your mirror by Nausheen Parkar
    26. Understanding emotional behaviour by Uzma Charania
    27. Memory tricks by Jaswant Sikka
    29. How Psychology Effects In Teaching by Dr. Aparna Thakur
    30. Emotional, Physical, Social and Financial wellbeing of Teachers by Uzma Charania
    31. Physical Education Training (PET) - AN UNIQUE PERSONALITY by Mukesh Kumawat
    32. Burnout and time management by Uzma Charania
    33. Life skills recommended by WHO by Dr. Sunita Wadikar
    34. Project base learning by Mrunal Surve
    35. life skills training for teachers by Dr. Sujata Singhi
    36. Scientific Memorization Techniques with a splash of Neurolimguistic Programming by Dr. Swati Rai
    37. Energy Management by Anupam Mishra
    38. Learn Mind Engineering by Jyot Rekhi

  4. Health and Wellness
    1. Health and wellness by Dr. Ankita Grover Luthra
    2. Value system Health and Wellness by Ajay Jain
    3. "Occupational Health and safety for wellbeing in the new normal of work from home for teachers "  by Dr. Ankita Grover Luthra
    4. How can Teacher cope up with the present situation? by Abhishek Mitra
    5. Swasthya- Fight Against Obesity by Nausheen Parkar

  5. How to Teach Maths Online
    1. How to teach Maths interactively by Swati Bhutra
    2. "Geometrical construction:the virtual way" by Sneha Malik
    3. Inquiry Driven Maths with Desmos Part 1 by Sneha Malik
    4. Inquiry Driven Maths with Desmos Part 2 by Sneha Malik
  6. Teacher to Edupreneur
    1. ​​Learn about Mailerlite- Email Automation by Radhika Rajgaria
    2. How to do Video Editing like a Professional Demo Course by Prasun Basu
  7. Teaching Trends and Discussion:
    1. New Education Policy Conference: Boon or Bane
    2. Teachers Day Panel Discussion by Indira Natarajan, Anwesha Ghosh, Nausheen Parkar, Jaswant Sikka
    3. Teachers Day Panel Discussion by Jyothy Ramachadran, Snigdha Bhatia, Rashi Somani, Dr. Ankita Luthra (PT)

  8. Microsoft Office Courses:
    1. Excel Basic & Advance by Sunil Saxena
    2. The IF and Vlookup Master Class by Sunil Saxena
  9. Resume Writing Services:
    1. Five Common Resume Mistake to avoid by Vandana Dadi
    2. How to make Video Resume by Sudha Mayi
  10. Sketch noting
    1. Sketchnoting Part I by Sheila Lewis
    2. Sketchnoting Part II by Sheila Lewis
    3. Revolutionizing the Language Classroom by Sheila Lewis and Naghma Shaikh
  11. Others:
    1. IELTS Masterclass by Anita Purohit
      IELTS Masterclass- An overview  by Anita Purohit
      Sanskriti for Kids by Swati Bhutra
      Learn PCB Design by Auto CAD Eagle by Pinwheels

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