What is

At, we intend to provide a platform to find all kinds of teaching jobs from Schools, Colleges, Coaching Classes, Ed-Tech companies, Publishing House and many more.

How a Teacher can Register profile at

Registration is simple and easy. You need to fill up all details correctly starting with

1.       MyProfile

a.       Name and Email ID (First Name, Last Name and Gender)

b.      Contact information i.e

                                                               i.      Location (Native Location and Preferred Job Location)

                                                             ii.      Phone Number.

c.       Skills

d.      Expected Salary

e.      Total Years of Work Experience

f.        About Yourself- Be elaborate and descriptive, so that Recruiters or HR Managers are able to know your profile and interest in greater details which your qualifications and experience may not be able to capture it

g.       YouTube URL: You can share YouTube Private Link or Public Link of your Demo session or Video Resume or any link which showcase your teaching ability or the person

h.      Interest Categories- Do mention all kinds of Jobs you are looking for like School Jobs, Coaching Jobs, E-Learning Jobs, Counseling Jobs and so on.

i.         Upload Video:- In case you share any teaching Video

j.        Cover Letter- This is an important field again to show what kind of jobs you are looking for.

2.      Photo: Take a Good profile Photo, showing your face completely with clear background. If you are not having good professional photo, please get the photo from Photo Studio.

3.       Education- Do mention all qualifications from Graduation and Post Graduation or any kinds of Diploma or Certificate you have taken

4.       Experience- Do elaborates all past experiences in details to capture correctly.

a.       Industry

b.      Functional Area

c.       Role

d.      Company Name

e.      Designation

f.        Duration

g.       Job Profile

5.       Professional Registration:- Any Professional Body you are associated with or are member

6.     Make A CV:- Once above details are filled, your CV gets created which can be downloaded in Word format or PDF. CV you can download and edit and can apply for teaching jobs.

How a Teacher can Search and Apply for Jobs?

After creating Teachers Job profile, you can search for Jobs in your Teacher Account Page or you can search for Jobs at

You can apply for as many Jobs as you are interested, there is no restriction, but we advise you to apply for Jobs only which you are interested in. Interest can depend upon the following factors:

1.       Teaching Subjects and Role

2.       Teaching Location

3.       Years of Teaching Experience and Designation

4.       Salary Range for the teaching jobs

If interested, just apply and your teaching profile will be shared with the Recruiter

What is Resume Builder?

We have launched powerful features of Resume Builder. Once, you update all details like contact information, qualifications and experience, it creates Resume which you download and edit/update more details to make it meaningful.

How to use YouTube Video link?

YouTube Video link is a great way to share your teaching methodologies or create Video resume which will not be captured in profile.




How can an Employer create Account with us and Post Teaching Vacancies?

An Employer can register profile at with following details:

1.       Company Name

2.       First Name and Last Name

3.       Email Address

4.       Password

Once, following details are filled-in, registration link is sent to verify account. Once account gets verified, employer can login to Dashboard

How can an Employer Update Details?

An employer can login with Email ID and password at

Employer is required to fill/edit following details:

1.       Company Name

2.       Company Profile- Do describe your educational institutes in details, so that Jobseekers or Teachers find interesting to apply for and work for your company

3.       Position: Do update your current position or designation

4.       First Name and Last Name

5.       Address: Full address where your educational institute is located

6.       Location

7.       Contact Number: Your official contact number

8.       Company Number: Your Educational Institute contact number

9.       Company Website

10.   Upload Establishment Photo: Photo of your educational Institute

11.   Logo: You can upload current logo of your educational institute


How to Post Teaching Vacancy?

After updating Employer details, you can start posting teaching vacancies with us

In Create Jobs, following details are required:-

1.       Job Title

2.       Category- you will get dropdown options to choose from which is the best suitable for your current vacancies

3.       Job Description- Do describe what is expected from the Job

4.       Company Name- This field automatically gets from My Profile but you can change, if you wish

5.       Company Profile- This field automatically get from My Profile but you can change, if you wish

6.       Work Type- Whether Full Time, Part Time, etc

7.       Contact Name

8.       Contact Number

9.       Company Website

10.   Skills

11.   Designation

12.   Location

13.   Experience (in Years)

14.   Annual Salary

15.   Company Logo

After filling details, click Post Job. Job vacancies will be immediately posted on the website.


How to Manage Jobs after posting Job vacancies?

In Manage Jobs, you will see all Jobs posted by your side. You can do the following:

1.       Status Change: Change the status from Active to Inactive

2.       Jobseeker- How many teachers applied for the job and clicking on the link, you can see complete profile of Jobseeker. After that you can manage Job applicants by choosing the following option

a.       Active

b.      Shortlist

c.       Interview

d.      Offer

e.      Accept

f.        Not Suitable

3.       Review Job Application: After reviewing Job profile of an applicant, you can send Email to all or few applicants asking for further details.

4.       Share Jobs: You can share Jobs in your social Media or through email, so that more teachers can apply for Jobs.

In case, you are not facing issues, with any details- do write to us at to resolve all issues.

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