Job Description

Job Overview
 Annual Plan
  Maintain Records /Evidences
 Communication and Reporting Annual Plan
Annual Plan
 Improvise and innovate Life Skills plan for grades 6 to 10– adhere to activities listed in the CBSE manual
 Improvise and innovate Work Education plan for grades 6 to 10 – include ideas listed in the CBSE manual (Strand 3 of SEWA manual)
 Ensure activities planned are assigned sufficient time for students to develop the essential skills

Maintain Records /Evidences
 Record student performance and achievements every week
 Identify and encourage students with out-of-ordinary talents and interests

Communication and Reporting
 Procure materials 2 months in advance – inform Coordinator and Logistics department  Submit Monthly Reports – Life Skills /Work Education and School Enterprise (Templates Handbook) In addition to the above, there could be tasks that need to be performed for making School vision a reality

Key skill Required

  • Creativity


  • Teacher